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As is well known, relationship plays a significant role in African tradition https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/lifestyle/a35547075/long-distance-relationship-advice/. It brings two families together and strengthens a person and his wife’s relationship for all time. As a result, the bridal service is frequently followed by numerous pre-wedding rituals and procedures.

It is customary for the bridegroom and his family to go to the bride’s home to formally ask for her hand in marriage. Typically, the family may arrive bearing gifts like money, drinks, conventional clothes, and kola nuts. A marriage time will also be discussed by the couple.

An elder will offer a beverage during the visit, which entails calling out the names of those who have passed away while pouring sacred water or liquor into each of the four directions. This is done to show appreciation for the ancestors and to request their blessing on the newlyweds.

Numerous African areas practice the refreshment frequently, but it can be challenging for some Westerners to comprehend why. In order to make sure that these procedures are consistent with their values, Christians should look to their ministers or spiritual leaders https://womenandtravel.net/ethiopian-women/ for guidance.

An African wedding needs a minor grooming before her big morning, just like any other woman. On the days leading up to her bridal service, the bride did hold a wax party or meeting in several communities. Henna is a type of body art that uses intricate patterns to adorn the hands and feet.

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